In June of 1996 we took the initiative to begin incorporating Internet related technologies into the Village of Westcliffe, Colorado. During the research and development phase we chose to refer to our efforts as Project Sangreal.

As you may already know; the Sangreal of mythology is better known as the Holy Grail and is a metaphor for Man's Quest for perfection.

Up to this point, the individual contributors have been using their own resources to support the project. We have made steady and planned progress over the course of the last few years.

I believe that funding Project Sangreal is a conservative investment in the future of Westcliffe, Colorado. An investment watched over and nurtured by professional engineers with a track record of success in the design and implementation of large scale engineering projects.

We offer you engineering opinions, goals, cost estimates and schedules along with a vision of what the future could be like for the Westcliffe, Colorado community if we successfully integrate Knowledge workers into the current economy.

In conclusion, I offer you a quote from one of my mentors that is one of the keys to being successful if you decide to champion a similar project in your own Community:

" No matter how quickly you see the opportunity, nor how clearly you perceive the course of action, all is lost if others will not " Listen "...... It is the sound of one hand clapping. "

Thank you for your interest in Project Sangreal !!

Arthur Vyn Boennighausen


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