Arthur Gerard Michael Baron von Boennighausen

Arthur Gerard Michael Baron von Boennighausen

Sierra Mojada Ranch

Westcliffe, Colorado 81252

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Graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Industrial Engineering. My area of concentration was Operations Research .

42 hours of credit toward two independent Master of Science degrees ; one in Software Engineering ; the other in Engineering Systems Analysis at CSU - Ft. Collins. I have a 3.4 grade point overall. My primary interest in graduate school up to this point has been in Internetworks, formal approaches to software testing / debugging and Engineering knowledge bases that support the community of Architects-Engineers-Constructors.


Other education as follows:

40 hour seminar in long range planning of Industrial Facilities & Corporate Real Estate. Seminar was taught by Richard Muther at the University of Colorado at Boulder in July 1982.

40 hour seminar in Mechanical Design using CAE-CAD in November, 1983.

16 hour seminar in Artificial Intelligence applications hosted by Marvin Minsky; head of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

168 hours of professional training in Real Estate Law and Practice. Licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker with Realtor designation..

100 hours of professional training in use of AutoCAD rel 12 for Windows as a tool to support the Engineering Design process.

100 hours of professional training in network Administration of Internetworks.

8 hours of professional training in Land Surveying.

8 hours of professional training in the Code of Ethics associated with Real Estate transactions.

16 hours of professional training in Colorado Water Law taught by Attorney James Felt.

24 hours of professional training in Real Estate Brokerage Administration.

8 hour seminar in Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics taught by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

5 day conference on Spirituality in Education with His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso the XIV Dali Lama of Tibet.

8 hour course in Comprehensive Land Planning leading toward a Master's degree in Real Estate.

8 hour course in the Land Planning Process leading toward a Master's degree in Real Estate.

8 hour course in Principals of Zoning and Subdivision leading toward a Master's degree in Real Estate.

4 hour course in Growth Management leading toward a Master's degree in Real Estate.

8 hour course in Colorado Water Law [ Water Law In A Nutshell ].  May 10th, 2019 seminar by Attorney Aaron Clay.




Arthur on Summit of
        the 13,000' Grand Teton



Excellent diversified background in the Engineering discipline. My specialty is use of Concurrent Engineering approaches to engineering designs in a Cross Functional Engineering Design Team (CFDT) environment with heavy emphasis on Computer Aided Engineering-Computer Aided Design (CAE-CAD) in a networked environment.



* Founder and Chief Engineer of Hummingbird_Engineering : Independent research in Computer Aided Engineering, Internetwork design and implementation and World Wide Web Systems Engineering. The following projects highlight some of my endeavors:


* Author of Himmelsleiter - The Art of Solo Clmbing : A book on the discipline of solo Alpine Climbing. Himmelsleiter is published as a physical book printed on paper and is also published on the Web at:

url :

This book is in the Colorado public library collection and the American Alpine Club library collection in New York.


* Individual technical contributor to Project Verve : a 1000 node Internetwork for the Town of Estes Park, Colorado and Qwest Communications; a 100,000 user Internetwork for the State of Colorado. Project Verve is on the Web at:

url :


* Developer and Principal Engineer of the Sierra Mojada Ranch : A prototype 1640 acre Ranch Preservation project in the Sangre de Cristo range of Colorado that incorporates the principles of ecological design. We offer Homesteads of 35 - 196 acres each with engineered gravel road systems, underground electrical and telecommunications service in addition to an integral 1200 acre open space concept. We are designing and constructing homes in the $200K to $1.5 million dollar range with the support of a Team of Architects, Engineers and Craftsmen.

The Sierra Mojada project is on the Web at:

url :


* Individual technical contributor to Couloir Magazine on the Web : Couloir Magazine is devoted to the subject of skii mountaineering and snowboarding. Couloir magazine on the Web is at:

url :


* Inventor of "Little Hercules" : a new type of wheelbarrow that incorporates classical lever and fulcrum principals into a unique ergonomic design. The patents for "Little Hercules" are pending. The Copyright (c) protection for the designs of "Little Hercules" are in place. I have two iterations of the prototype constructed as full size working models.


* Director and technical contributor : to the commercial video known as "Beyond Longs Peak: A Climbers Quest". A six minute preview of "Beyond Long's Peak" has been published on the Web at:

url :



Painting by Jim Freeheart of
            Arthur climbing Mount Analogue.....

* Co-author with Michael S. Johnson and publisher of : " Mt. Analogue : A Climber's Quest " : an electronic book that Communicates the story of Knowledge Seekers attempting to ascend the mysterious mountain that unites Heaven and Earth. The book continues the story started by French mystic Rene' Daumal who died, leaving the novel to end in midsentence. Mt. Analogue is a Vision of a cosmic axis linking the human realm of civilization to a higher order of existence.

This project is a collaborative effort to construct a prototype hypermedia book that can be published on the Web, CD-ROM or on paper. Mt. Analogue has been published on the Web at:

url :

This CD-ROM based electronic book is in the Colorado public library collection.



* Individual technical contributor to Project Sangreal : an Internetwork for the Village of Westcliffe, Colorado. Project Sangreal is prototyping a website at:

url :


* Individual technical contributor to the Sangre de Cristo Mountaineering School : SMS is on the Web at:

url :


* Individual technical contributor to the V Bar Ranch: The V Bar Ranch is on the Web at:

url :


* Co-author with my wife Marty and publisher of the book "Sangre de Cristo Campfire Tales". This is our latest effort to publish a book printed on paper that contains "Teaching stories" similar to those offered by the Kabbalah. This book is in the Colorado public library collection.


* Individual technical contributor to the Sangre de Cristo Land Company which is on the Web at:



* Individual technical contributor to RE/MAX International which is on the Web at:



* Individual technical contributor to RE/MAX Mountain Brokers which is on the Web at:






Chief Industrial Engineer, Research & Development Division, StorageTek Corporation, Louisville, Colorado . I was responsible for evaluation of the internal and external processes affecting the Research & Development Division and the introduction of new manual and electronic systems which would reduce cycle times associated with Research & Development.

The responsibility for all aspects of Industrial Engineering from the Research & Development side of projects Iceberg, Hummingbird , Phoenix, Project Eagle and Project Valkarie and was mine.

StorageTek is on the Web at: url :



Graduate Student at CSU Ft. Collins in Software Engineering/Engineering Systems Analysis during the day; Computer Operator at the Aspen Lodge, Estes Park, Colorado during the night.



Staff Engineer/Engineering Systems Analyst, Arizona Public Service Company. I served as Owner's Representative to the Arizona Nuclear Power Project (ANPP); I was stationed at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Wintersburg, Arizona. My assignment was to use Operations Research and Engineering Systems Analysis methodologies to evaluate the ANPP and to make recommendations to the Director of Nuclear Operations regarding potential improvements to the design and construction of Palo Verde.

At the time, Palo Verde, at 3800 Megawatts, was and may still be the worlds largest nuclear generating station. Palo Verde was designed by Combustion Engineering and constructed by Bechtel Worldwide Construction at a cost of $10 billion dollars. Palo Verde is on the Web at:

url :

I hold a Level Eleven nuclear sensitive security clearance...... The highest level issued by the Department of Energy/Department of Defense.



Personal Sabbatical to accomplish the goals which I set for myself in Alpine climbing within North America. I was the leader of United States and International technical climbing teams and am considered of world class rank in this discipline. My specialty is solo accents of multi-day technical climbs.



Staff Engineer/Engineering Systems Analyst, StorageTek, Louisville. I was responsible for vertically integrating the magnetic tape products division and making it an independent business unit. A complete analysis of the then 10,000 employee company led to the design and construction of StorageTek's 160 acre/$80 million dollar Longmont, Colorado facility. I was involved in every detail of the project from the initial feasibility study to the design and implementation of all manual and electronic systems to support this 3000 employee operation.



Staff Engineer/Engineering Systems Analyst, Rexall Drug Laboratories, St.Louis, Missouri . I was responsible for the design and implementation of electronic and manual systems to support operations.


Arthur near
                summit of Mount Teewinott in Grand Teton National Park
                of Wyoming........


Appointment to Naval military academy at Annapolis

Athletic scholarships to Universities of Michigan, Missouri and Arkansas

Varsity letter in football, University of Arkansas

Academic scholarship to Annapolis, University of Missouri school of Mines

2nd degree black belt in both the Wing Chun and Tai Chi Kung-Fu systems

World class Mountaineer/Alpinist.

Author of the book: "Himmelsleiter - The Art of Solo Climbing"

Co-author of the hypermedia book: "Mt. Analogue - A Climber's Quest"

Co-author of the book: "Sangre de Cristo Campfire Tales"

Roman Catholic Scholar of Comparative Religion and Philosophy.

Honorable discharge United States Navy.




Cover model for Soldier of Fortune Magazine with Hollywood legends - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.



          legend - Arnold Schwarzenegger





Arthur models for
          Soldier of Fortune magazine












Great Grandson of Clemens Maria Franz Baron von Boennighausen, MD



Height 6'3", weight 252 lbs., Hobbies: Alpinism, Horseback riding, Motorcycle racing, Reading.